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The Healthy Dancer® - Nutrition for Dancers Studio Package

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The Healthy Dancer® - Nutrition for Dancers Studio Package

Rachel Fine
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Teachers, studio owners, directors, and choreographers are role models and can promote a balanced lifestyle for all dancers!

Use the following 10+ print-outs to educate your students about using food as a tool to fuel their body and optimize their performance. The information can be applied to all ages and levels. Topics covered include macronutrients, micronutrients, building a balanced plate, hydration, meal timing, and plant-based lifestyles.

For best use, provide your dancers with a downloadable packet or print guides separately to display in your studio and/or offer as an educational resource for dancers to grab on their way home!

Topics Included:

Building Balance

A Closer Look into Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fats for Performance


Micronutrients of Focus

Plant-Based Lifestyles

Meal Planning

3 Sample Daily Meal Plans

*Copyrighted materials to be shared or emailed internally with your studio/school/company parents and students. May not post or share on a website or social media platform.

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10+ Downloadable Guides

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